Bosworth invests in companies with enduring growth and profitability that often have recurring services or consumable nature to their products. Within our target industries Bosworth will often partner with owner or management who wish to sell an equity stake in their business while retaining operating control, or who are seeking additional capital to accelerate their growth rate. Bosworth will also partner with owners who are looking to exit their business. Bosworth’s partners have a proven track record of both operating acquired businesses as well as indentifying and hiring management teams for acquired business and in doing so, allowing the selling owners to smoothly transition out of the business.


Krueger-Gilbert Health Physics, Inc.

Krueger-Gilbert Health Physics, Inc. (KGHP) is headquartered in Jarrettsville, MD and is the respected leader in diagnostic medical physics. The firm offers high-level support to ensure optimal imaging quality and radiation safety for our clients and their patients. A diverse group of expert physicists who are accessible, committed, pro-active and dedicated provide this support to your imaging practice whether in a hospital setting, imaging center, physician's office, or research facility. Bosworth invested in KGHP in 2014



Midwest Supplies is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and is the largest provider of homebrewing and winemaking supplies in America, offering everything a customer needs to make beer and wine at home, with a staff of friendly and knowledgeable homebrewers and winemakers is available seven days a week to answer questions. Bosworth invested in Midwest Supplies in 2010.


Rod and Tubing

Rod and Tubing Services is headquartered in Bryan, TX and serves the oil industry. The company operates a tubing and sucker rod inspection/reclamation facility as well as mobile scan and testing units. The company is renowned for its expertise and service.
Bosworth invested in RTS in 2013.



EZ Shipper Rack is headquartered in Westlake Village, CA and is one of the nation's leading providers of asset recovery services. EZR provides unparalleled logistical recovery services through a proprietary infrastructure. EZR is the number one provider of asset recovery services in the Lawn & Garden segment, serving over 8,000 retail locations. Bosworth invested in EZR in 2015.



FMT Solutions is headquartered in Lake Oswego, OR and serves the registered investment advisor industry. The company is a marketing services firm that creates and markets high quality retirement education seminars for adults aged 50-75. FMT's registered investment advisor clients teach these seminars at hundreds of educational venues across the nation throughout the year. Bosworth invested in FMT in 2015.


Response Management Services

Response Management Services is headquartered in Western Springs, IL and was founded in 2014. RMS is a leading provider to the rail industry offering high hazard emergency response services, chemical transfer services and mobile heating solutions. The RMS team has over 200 years of combined rail response experience and have completed over 2,400 high hazard rail car transfers. Bosworth invested in RMS in 2015.



Coastal Painting Company (Coastal) is headquartered in Coconut Creek, FL and is the largest repainting contractor in Southern Florida. Coastal is a single-source solution of condominium assocaitions, HOAs, Hotels and large private home owners addressing the recurring need to maintain exterior surfaces from the heat, humidity and ocean in Southern Florida. Bosworth invested in Coastal in 2016



L.A.W. Publications (LAW) is headquartered in Addison, TX and is a provider of education materials for Law Enforcement, Fire and other civic organizations and agencies. The publications cover current issues, such as Drugs, Online Safety, Bullying, Identify-Theft, Fire Safety, Drunk Driving, Domestic Violence, and much more. Founded in 1973, L.A.W. has served over 15000 communities and has become the go-to source for materials for Community Serving Agencies. L.A.W.'s success is based on the consistently updated content and customized materials for communities. Bosworth invested in LAW in 2016.



EMI Porta is headquartered in Arlington Heights, IL and was founded in 1993. The company manufacturers components for low rise elevators and is a distributor of pumps, valves and motors for the elevator industry. Bosworth invested in EMI Porta in 2017.